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Refreshing Thumbnails

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I have a base which records are being created automatically via an Integromat integration. Part of the process is creating a thumbnail image pulled from a URL link. All this happens through Integromat, an integration someone did for me. Lately, I have been getting empty thumbnail icons in Airtable after new records are being created. All links work ok but there is no thumbnail.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 7.49.05 AM

If I manually delete the empty thumbnail and re-upload it via the link that is covered, the image shows perfectly. I have over a hundred records with no thumbnail. Would love to create a script that I can assign to a button that allows me to replace the empty icon with a fresh image pulled from the link.

Any guidance as to how to start structuring the script would be super appreciated. I am very new to scripting and javascript. Tried searching for solutions here but maybe I am not searching for the right thing. Thank you!!!.

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Hi @Patricio_Suarez, I would be happy to help point you in the right direction! Since you mentioned that you are very new to scripting and JavaScript in general, we recommend the following as starting points for learning the basics of what you’d need to get started with the Scripting app:

If you’d like to add a button for each record that initiates a script, you’ll need to first create a button field and choose the Run script action that is detailed here. With regard to setting up your script to accept a record as input from your button this tutorial from Airscript would be a great place to start. After setting up the button handler, you can update the attachment field for that record using the updateRecordAsync which is documented in more detail here. This documentation and more can be found at Airtable Developers. Hope that helps clarify the overall structure and the starting points you’d need to create the script!