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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Greetings!  New to Airtable.

I have a survey table that I need to load blank records (roughly ~120 records for every new survey).

I currently have automations set to add records one by one - it's a major pain.

Is there a way to write a script to (1) load "seed" records from a table in my base and then (2) add them to my survey table?


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12 - Earth
12 - Earth
example of script
For numbers more than 50, Array should be splitted by 50 record batches .
You can find example how to do it...  I think, here in search.



let example = {fields: {'FieldName': "some_value"} }
let table=base.getTable('YourTable')
let toWrite=Array(40).fill(example)
await table.createRecordsAsync(toWrite)