[session.launchMode = FromButton]

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi guys, can I ask you to expose launch mode in the script?

Reason: I have a huge table and the current script from Apps does
await input.recordAsync()
from filtered data to speed up the selection(e.g. filters out records with past Due Date, ‘not ready’ status, etc.)
I found that Button may be a nice addition if you want to initiate the script from any record. But it has limitation:

Can’t use record from button field

To use records from button field with input.recordAsync, use a Table or View as the source.

So, with session.launchMode I can modify the script to ask input.recordAsync() just from the full table and use filtered records if I launch the script from Apps.

Best regards, Maks

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The ability to tell if a script was run from a button field versus the run button for the script is a great product suggestion.

However, if Airtable decides to implement this feature, it might be something other than an extension of the session data. I believe that session data relates to the session for the currently logged in user, and not specific to the running of a specific script.