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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

we built this on airtable and we want to have users update their profiles by summiting it for each listing.
they could do this by either
1) Claiming the profile and submitting their information
We are open to other ideas. How would you go about doing this?
Any Help would be appriciated thank you in advance.

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You could try adding a prefilled form URL there?  Users could then click that link and when they submit the form it would be automatically linked to the profile via the prefilled value

How are you planning on verifying that whoever's submitting data is actually affiliated with the company in question?

We are thinking about that One of ways maybe would be that they have to submit information only with company domain email.


So I worked out a plan and want to know your opinion about it
1. We will have a 'Claim profile' button on all cards. The button will open a form that will have all fields.
2. The user can fill in the fields with updated values and submit the form.
3. We will have a new table in Airtable with the same fields as the original database. Submitting the above form will create a record in this table.
4. The new table will have an additional checkbox field. After reviewing the record, we can checkmark it to push the updates to the original record.

Yeah that sounds like a pretty solid plan