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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to modify an existing piece of code I got from a template. I need to create a project date along with the project name, but the code as is creates the project date as a text field. I know it’s an issue with the output.markdown or the input.textAsync, but there’s no input.dateAsync or something like that. How can a make this output in a Date field? Thanks!!!

// pick tables from your base here
let projects = base.getTable('Competitions');
let tasks = base.getTable('Tasks');

// prompt the user to pick a template for our project
output.markdown('# New project');
let name = await input.textAsync('Project name');

// prompt the user to pick a date for our project
output.markdown('# Project date');
let date = await input.textAsync('Project date');
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