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Table with summary information

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I have a table, and I made a view with some grouping.

The schema of the table is [Survey, Question, Category, Person, Response]

Now I want to be able to extract the table with those groups and summary statistics and use that elsewhere in another part of my workflow, outside Airtable.
The API allows filtering, but not grouping it seems. How does one accomplish this?

Another option is somehow I can make the summary statistics into their own view/table? so it would look like [Survey, Category, Average Response]? Then I can query for that table and read those records and use them where I need them.


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Hi @nRhythm - welcome to the Airtable community!

You could use a service we built, Sync Inc, to do this. We’ll replicate your Airtable base to a Postgres database in real-time. Then you can use SQL (including GROUP BY) to quickly recreate this view and summary analytics.

Would be more than happy to walk you through it - just shoot me a DM :slightly_smiling_face: