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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

So I want to extract text from a picture like below
format the data to be analyzed like the Excel below.

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Welcome to the community, Jason!

This is doable with Airtable, but you might have suspected as much already. Beyond that, I can’t say; too many questions left unanswered - and none from you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you asking how can it be done, conceptually? Or do you need step-by-step instructions? Do you want the end result to be in Airtable? Or Excel? Are you aware that Airtable isn’t a spreadsheet, and how that might affect your expectations, for better or worse? Do you need to automate this task? You’ve posted this to the Scripting app category - a script, for our immediate intents and purposes here, won’t help you much.

A better start would be to use the Google Vision app (get an Airtable Pro subscription), get an API key* from Google (instructions are in the app, takes a minute or so), see how easily Google pulls this data (gonna go with “effortlessly” for my prediction), and then continue from there.