Update multiple records in one table when a new record is created in another table

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I have an issue I think I might be able to solve with automation but just not sure how.

I have 3 tables Providers details, Solutions and Parts.

When I create a new Provider record I want to use a trigger to populate the name of the Provider into the Solutions table. I want this to happen 30 times as for each new provider I also have to update the same table with 30 parts.

Is it possible to create 30 new records in the Solutions table when a new provider is entered into the Provider details table and them simultaneously pull the 30 records from the parts table into Solutions table.

Can this be done with Automation?

Thank you in advance

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Hi @Abdi_Farah

Welcome to Airtable community!

While I think it should be possible to create automation with 30 "create record actions (I have never really tested limit here)…
… this definitely sounds like a job that could be solved faster with a run script module and script creating the record 30 times.