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Updating Records Issue

Topic Labels: Scripting extentions
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Hello I am trying to create a script to enter in new information if needed or change information on a record if needed based on user button. I cannot seem to get the updaterecordasync to work. For the first one I just tested it by automatically changing a field ‘employees’ and giving it a set value, which I have been unsuccessful at getting to work. Ideally I would like to take user input and put it into the record field. I have attempted this on second part of the if statement with no luck either. Thank you for any help.


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Update I realized I need to have await before the table.updaterecord I am still having trouble using the variables in the updaterecordasync function

Haven’t seen this earlier, but on the subject of variable consistency, read up on JS scopes. Also, try using a free IDE like VSC to write your scripts; having a capable linter makes all the difference in the world, especially if you’re still in the trial-and-error learning phase.