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Uptime and SLA?

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Hi, we use airtable as part of a customer-facing, mission-critical flow of information. Airtable receives information from system X, is manipulated in Airtable, and then our end customer sees status in system Y.

Question: does anyone know Airtable’s SLA for uptime? I have noticed several downtimes in the past month, and I have concerns about Airtable’s viability. We used Airtable because it was the fastest way to get a database with an editable frontend built. But if we can’t rely on something like 99% uptime, we will need to consider building internally ourselves.

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Not sure, but you can see the full incident history here:

Use the arrows at the top to go back further in time.

Hey @Eric_Taylor ,

In addition to the official Airtable status page (which can sometimes miss shorter incidents), we track health on our status page as well:

Spikes in response times and/or request timeouts are a good indication something is awry. We also do our best to diagnose if a downtime is API-related, and note as such in the corresponding downtime we report.

Related, we also have many customers using the databases we provision as a buffer. If your customer frontend is reading from our database as opposed to the Airtable API, you’re impervious to API downtime. (Only writes will fail.)