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Hi there,

I understand that Airtable webhooks have this limitation:

The number of webhooks per base is limited to 10. A single OAuth integration can create up to 2 webhooks per base.

In a nutshell, users of our integration are creating automations picking Base and Table, and configuring what they want to happen when an event is received. Meaning, a user may build 5 automations for the same Base, which obviously conflicts with the above limitation; however, our users aren't and shouldn't be bothered w/ these API limitations.

In order to mitigate this, I'd like to register notifications to a Base (and all, or all relevant tables within that Base), and would then like to broadcast events that I receive from Airtable to the interested consumers. A problem here is that the event payload only contains `` and `` (along w a timestamp and the content-mac header). That's pretty unfortunate, as it prevents me from doing that broadcast.

Is there a chance we could have the specified in the event as well, or a way to bypass the "2 per OAuth" limittaion? Who do I need to talk to or bribe to make this happen?

Otherwise, the only approach I see is to register all and broadcast to all, which is a lot of traffic both from Airtable as well as internally on our end. 


To give an example, consider a user setting up 3 automations:

- automation-1:
base: Base-1
table: Table-1_a
action: "..."
- automation-2:
base: Base-1
table: Table-1_b
action: "..."
- automation-3:
base: Base-1
table: Table-1_c
action: "..."

In this case, our code would register a listener targeting endpoint /webhooks/airtable/user-hash/base-1, and for every inbound event, it would broadcast internally to automation-1, automation-2, automation-2



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