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I am new to AirTable, there are still some points I can’t figure out. Now I will explain my question in detail. I’m sure it’s very easy for you guys, but I certainly didn’t succeed. I can never find the solution. I have two questions. The first is this:

The table you see in this picture is the class list. Write the names of the students. I linked this table with the “Dersler” table.

Ekran Resmi 2021-10-22 00.03.27

And this is the “Dersler” table.

Ekran Resmi 2021-10-22 00.03.48

Classes and dates. I add the students who entered the course next to the course. And I created a formula row in the “Class List” table. Here I wrote this formula.

Ekran Resmi 2021-10-22 00.03.34

The form is working. But I want the “/2” part of this formula to change after the third lesson is made in the “Dersler” table and after I start to enter students there. Since the number of lessons changes after each lesson, the success score needs to change. For the success score, I need to calculate from “the number of students attended the course/all courses”. Can I have the formula change as I complete the lesson and add students? What should I do?

This is my case study and I need to complete it today. Please help me. And I have one more question:

We cannot directly calculate the maximum value of a column in an Airtable table. How to do this in Airtable Can we find a solution?

Link to Case: The maximum value of a column can be useful when determining the number of lessons that have taken place to date. For example, the number of courses for a student attending all courses can also be used to determine the total number of courses, but this is not an ideal solution because there may not be any students who have attended all courses. What other methods can be used to keep track of the total number of courses?

Do you have an idea for this? Any idea can give me hope. Just so I have an idea.

Thank you very much.

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Hi @buse

I would try a SWITCH() for your first question. Depending on how many lessons there can be in a class, you could add the success score manually in the formula.