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Adding conditional logic to assignee field

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I would like to change the assignee of a project (assignee field) based on the current status (single-select field).

Is it possible to do this, and I am just missing it? My only current thought was to write a python function that runs every second to check for this and change the assignee accordingly.

If not, where is the best place to request such a feature?

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Hi @Jordan_Violet - you could simply have a formula field based on the status field:

Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 16.38.08.png

SWITCH(Status, 'Not started', 'Jim', 'In progress', 'Jane', 'Completed', '')


Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, because it is a function field and not an assignee field, I won’t get the benefits of the assignee field such as notifications.

I wrote a python lambda function that runs every one second, currently, that checks for me.

For those that come through here later, I came up with my own solution, here: community[dot]airtable[dot]com/t/add-ability-to-change-assignee-based-on-conditions/22604/3?u=jordan_violet