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Hi! I have an Airtable form that generates a Chargify signup link. The sales team fills in the form fields and then it spits out a signup link for the customer showing the products, quantities, pricing, and then allows them to fill out their billing information.

For some reason all of a sudden the link seems to be fractured. If anything additional is added beyond the base subscription, when the link is clicked it does not show those add ons. However, when you copy and paste the link into a new browser tab it does.

Here is the formula being used:

IF({Watermarking quota},IF({AUD?}=“AU/NZ”,{Signup Link with Coupon and Seats and Tracks and DS}&“&components[”&{Watermarking Component ID AU}&“][allocated_quantity]=”&{Watermarking quota},{Signup Link with Coupon and Seats and Tracks and DS}&“&components[”&{Watermarking Component ID US}&“][allocated_quantity]=”&{Watermarking quota}),{Signup Link with Coupon and Seats and Tracks and DS})

Here is an example of the link it generates:

It is a hyper link up until the first “&components” and then everything after that is just text–so if someone clicks on the link it doesn’t reflect any of the additional components or quantities after that.

Is anyone able to help me troubleshoot this? Is there something wrong with the formula that is preventing the whole thing from becoming a clickable hyperlink?

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Clicking that link appears to work correctly. Can you show what your formula is outputting in a screenshot?

Sure! That’s actually a good example of what i’m talking about–when you copy and paste the link it works correctly but when you click on it within the table it does not.

Here is what the link looks like in the table-

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 3.52.20 PM

After the first ‘&components’ the hyperlink ends and the rest is just text. What I’d like to have happen is the whole thing be a hyperlink so our team can just click on it.

Look into the ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT() formula function in the Formula Field Reference.

Thanks! That changes certain characters into encoded URL components but it does not change the whole string to be a hyperlink.