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Annoying lookup issue

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Hi all,

• I’m asking Harvest to populate a field in table jobs called {client id by Harvest} via Zapier - this is working fine
• I then want AT to lookup the corresponding client {Name} in my client table that relates to the client ID {client ID - manual} in the calient table and populate the field {client name - lookup} in the table jobs

i cant make it happen for some reason… quite frustrating.

any thoughts?

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What are you doing to try to create the link?

Are you trying to get Zapier to create the link, or are you trying to get Airtable to create the link? Is there a reason why you aren’t adding steps to your Zap to find the client and link it?

the zap successfully creates record in the Job table - the zap only offers the client id which is a numeric code.

after that, everything should be done via AT…

I also have the client id code in a field, in the client table next to the client name (the primary field)

i want to be able to pull the client name by looking up the corresponding numeric code in that table

and thanks for responding :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want Airtable to populate the linked record field based on the client ID code, you will need an automation in Airtable to find the proper record and link it. You would need a “Find records” action followed by an “Update record” action.

You could also have Zapier find the record in the other table and create the link. It would take the same basic steps–finding the record to link, and then updating the record.

Hi Kuovonne - again - thanks or your assistance.

here’s a quick grab - it might make more sense with this…

this is where i’m going wrong :confused:


Thanks for the screen capture. When you open the linked record in the {Calculation 2} field, what do you see in the {Name} field? Are you sure that the {Name - Calculation …} field is based on the {Calculation 2} linked record field, and not a different linked record field?

Calc 2 click thru: