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Assistance with Modifying A Formula

Topic Labels: Formulas
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Greeting Airtable Community!

I have an existing formula that is returning the correct results:

IF(AND({Guest Code}=‘DONOR’,{Status S2}=‘Yes’),First&" "&Last)

I now need to modify the formula to include {Status S2}=‘Yes FUP’ and the ‘Yes’ variable.

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated, as always.


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Can you clarify – do you want to require that {Status S2} contains BOTH “Yes FUP” AND “Yes”, or EITHER “Yes FUP” OR “Yes”?

Thanks Jeremy. I’m sorry I didn’t clarify that. It would be
EITHER ‘Yes FUP’ or ‘Yes’.

This should do it:

      {Guest Code}='DONOR',
         {Status S2}='Yes',
         {Status S2}='Yes FUP'
   First&" "&Last

Thanks Jeremy! I will try this now!!