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9 - Sun

Probably no way of doing this without an Automation right?

I'd just like to have an image for my records based on a single select field. Essentially a Single Select field for images! I want to be able to assign a Logo for each record. Then on an interface, we can see Red Team or Blue Team logos distictively.

My formula solution for this would be to host the image URLs somewhere and use a SWITCH() formula to find the URL. I don't know how to get it from the URL to the Attachment field.

I can do this through automations but that seems over-engineered. Since I already have the teams in a single select field, all the data is there and I don't need to overcomplicate my base. The want for a logo is purely cosmetic haha.

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Yeah automations seems like the easiest way to deal with it

Hmm, what if the Teams field was a linked field to a "Teams" table instead?  You could then add an attachment field there and upload the team logos, and in your original table have a lookup field to display the logo

The two things we'd lose would be
1. The ability to easily select the team since linked fields are laggier
2. The display aspect since single select fields look much nicer

We could sorta get around the first problem by just copy pasting the team name into the linked field, and with the new formula field update to display the output as single select pills we could get around the second problem too?