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Automatically link to an autogenerated record

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Hi All. I’ve scoured the topics and many come close but I can’t seem to track this one down exactly. I have a base I built for my small farm. I have schedules (when to plant, where it goes, when to harvest etc etc). I recently incorporated an IFTTT app to pass recent rain values into a table (Precip Tab). I have the new entries auto-numbered. Long story short, I want to pull the most recent rain amount into my “Schedule” tab, or any other tab for further calculation. I saw the articles on using a “Calc” tab and linking to all records, but my hang up is this; do you have to manually link every time a new record is created? New records here come in automatically, and I don’t want to have to manually add these new records every time it rains. Wishing a formula could be used to link to records but I don’t think that’s an option. I think I could figure this out based on other questions/replies if I weren’t trying to link to a moving target. Hopefully that makes sense… thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Ok, I think I solved this, maybe it will help others. A little convoluted but it worked. My weather data comes from by weather station (Ambient Weather). IFTTT only lets you add a new record in Airtable, not update, which was the root of my issue (finding latest record when new records were being created automatically). Zapier lets you update existing records in Airtable, but does not have a Zap for AmbientWeather. I was able to use Google Sheets as the intermediary. I have an IFTTT trigger that will update a single cell in Google Sheets with data sent by Ambient Weather if the rain is above a specified amount. From there I have a zap that will trigger when that same cell in google sheets is updated and modify the record in Airtable. Since it updates the record not creates, it never changes thus I can create a permanent link to it within other tables in airtable and only the precipitation value will change.