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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all,

I’ve created a simple form that our staff can use to log when an employee is absent.

This works great as every morning our managers fill out the form for the staff absent/on leave/working remotely etc. I then have a sheet which filters by the date column “today” to display the staff.

However if an employee is on leave for let’s say a week, we have put in two date picker fields example:

Date From
Date To

Is there a formula which will filter the employees name as long as the date appears on/between the two date fields.


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Hi @James_Meyrick,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

I believe that this can help you

IF(AND(TODAY()>={Date From},TODAY()<={Date To}),"On Leave", "On Duty")

You can then Filter the “On Leave” as well.


Hi Mo,

I’m not sure where to insert this formula in the sheet? My apologies.


Hi James,

Please send me a screenshot of your sheet so I can help you more. You can send it to me on

As a start, this should be a separate field and you can apply another filter on it.