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Burndown Chart Logic

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Hello World!

I’m curious if anyone has a BurnDown chart solution. The logic I’m currently using is not effective.

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Hey there,

I quickly put together an burn up chart, which is guess would be the same logic.

Basically my table that I build my chart off of is a single table with a Sprint (this is the number of the sprint) and a Completed Tasks column + a dropdown select with Forecast vs Actual vs MVP
And from there I have a value for each combination of sprint + type logged in, with the number of tasks done for the Actual type, forecasted for the Forecast, and a fix number corresponding to the scope for the MVP. Haven’t worked with counts and relations for these values, but I think it would be pretty easy to automate.

After that I add a graph block, with Sprint number as the X, and then Tasks as the Y, and Type as the group

For a burn down chart you would just replace the “done” tasks with “left to do” tasks…

Hope this helps!