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Calculating net price based on Discount

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I need help creating a formula that calculates the net price of a product based on the discounted % given to the unit Cost.

Unit cost: 300$
Discount: 50%
Net price: 150$

Column Names:
Unit Cost ( original price of product )
Discount (discount % for this product)
Net Unit Cost ( price of the product after the discount is applied)

Any help would be greatly appreciated (:

thank you!!

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Assuming your columns are literally labelled “Unit cost” and “Discount”, then the formula would be:

{Unit cost}*Discount

You may also want to switch the formatting to Currency too, so that it automatically puts the $ and decimal points in place for you. Like this:
Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 9.37.59 pm

I think Alyssa almost has it, but her formula only calculates the discount in absolute terms. {Net Unit Cost} should be…

{Unit Cost} - ({Unit Cost}*{Discount})

Probably don’t need the parens, but I don’t trust evaluation order when I absolutely don’t know what it is.

Yes this worked (: Thank you so much!