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Calculating Occurrences of records

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Hi there

Is there a way I can tally the occurrences of a record within a column?

For example, if I have a column called ‘colours’ and it has five reds, three blues and two yellows, how can I count these and disp[lay within a record (probably on another tab called ‘Calculations’)?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Jim, if I were you I’d link all of those records to a single record in the Calculations table, and then use conditional Rollups or Count fields to count the occurences of each color

Thanks for your reply - but I’m pretty new to this - do you have a step by step?


Do you really need the calculations all in the same record? If not, the easiest way is to just convert your field into a linked record field, and when you are prompted for which table to link to, create a new table called Calculations.

Then, in your new Calculations table, you can add a field of type “Count”.

Thanks @ScottWorld I think I’m finally getting it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also - I have a revenue field (column in Excel) - how could I add the total revenues in currency?

You would use a rollup field:

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Sold! @ScottWorld thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help on the above @ScottWorld - I have another question. Is there a way I can tally occurrences with some sort of conditional? e.g. If I have Blue1, Blue2, Blue3, Red, Yellow1, Yellow2.

Can I somehow tally the total number of Blues even if they are not identical record names? TIA.

You can group by that field in Airtable, and Airtable will automatically create summaries of each group for you with the summary bar: Summary Bar - Overview | Airtable Support

I don’t think the summary bar will be of use for this as I want to use the counts in a third party software which displays values in a dashboard.