Can I make a Kanban from a calculated field

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4 - Data Explorer

This is obviously very much related to my last question, but have a formula that is calculating the average score (0-5) from multiple judges.

I’d like to create a Kanban view based on that average and I’m trying to figure out the best way to do that. I can round off to the nearest whole number, but Kanban requires a single select to create a view. Is there a clever workaround that would let me accomplish this?

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You could add a Single Select option that has one option for 1 through 5. Then set an Automation to run when the record’s formula field value changes, and put an Update Record action step that copies the value from the formula to the single select. I would also set the field permissions to “Nobody can edit, except automations” that way you don’t accidentally edit up the single select values.