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Can there be a formula in the IF?

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Hello Everyone,

I am a gallery assistant and trying to convince my director to move to Airtable!
However, I meet some issues, hope anyone can kindly help me.

So there will be two groups of product prices, one is (A+B), and the other one will be the amount we type in.

Can the formula do something like If(Checkbox=1, “{A+B}”, “manual enter”) or something like this?
Sorry really bad at this.

Hope anyone can give me some ideas about this

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Hi @Kc_chen,

Yes, you have a few options. I would suggest creating a field/column named ‘Manual Price’ and create your Formula field.

In the formula field use IF({Manual Price}, A+B, {Manual Price})

You can then format the formula field to display in a currency format.

Thank you so much that does help!!