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Change Time Format

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How can I change time format 8:00 into 0800?


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Hi Erwin,

I am not sure what you mean by a “time format 8:00”.
What field type are you using ?

If you are using a DateTime field with Time enabled; then you can use the DATETIME_FORMAT([date], '[specified output format]') function in a formula field to get the desired output.

Is that what you are looking for ?


Hi, thanks!

It’s a Duration field and Time has to be formatted in ‘0hmm’, without colon. For example:

8:00 -> 0800
4:15 -> 0415
6:02 -> 0602


Hi again @Erwin_Van_den_Bogaer,

Ok I understand. In Airtable, Duration is not the “Time” part of a DateTime, it is really just a “Duration”.
To do what you are asking for, you have to set an intermediate field that will calculate the corresponding DateTime.

  1. Create a new Formula field formatted as DateTime
    DATEADD(TODAY(), Duration, 'seconds')
    This will create a “today” date with time = 00:00 then add the Duration to it

  2. Convert this DateTime to a String
    DATETIME_FORMAT(DateTime, "hhmm")

This result can actually be achieved using a one line formula :
DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD(TODAY(), Duration, 'seconds'), "hhmm")


Please tell me if this fit your needs.
If it does work on your side, please mark this reply as an answer :slightly_smiling_face: