Check if a record is linked in two different fields

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I have to following situation :
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How to create a formula that will return “True” or “1” if at least one record appears in both fields ?

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AND({Question 1},{Question 2}),

This does not seems to work, unfortunatly. It returns 1 when both fields are populated (Whatever the values), and 0 when either field is empty.

I realize my orginal question was unclear ! I would need the formula to check if the same record appears in both columns, not if any record appears in both columns.

Told differently, those are questions for a form. I need to check if any answer given to question 1 was the same as the answer to question 2.

So if question 1 has [1,2,3] and question 2 has [2,5,6] it should return true.

To solve that problem, create that formula in the OTHER table instead of the CURRENT table.

Then, back in the CURRENT table, create a rollup field that points to the formula field with this formula:


And be sure to set the condition to only show you values when the formula field is 1.