CONCATENATE but a single value out of a multiple value field

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Tracking nurse staff schedules with doctors.

Column 1 lists nurse staffs, column 2 the doctor engaged with that staff, column 3 = # of patients

For example, column 1 may have the following fields:

A1 = Betty, Joel, Cindy

A2 = Suzanne, Betty, Mike

A3 = Cindy, Beatrice, Rosaria

B1 = Dr Rodriguez

B2 = Dr Blake

B3 = Dr Baker

The goal is to be able to add up patients between a single nurse w doctor combination, i.e. Betty with Dr Rodriguez

a normal CONCATENATE of A1 and B1 will say Betty, Joel, Cindy with Dr Rodriguez

anyway to be able to recognize all 3 combinations?

I have a junction table with a CONCATENATE of Betty with Dr Rodriguez but I don't know how to then go grab and sum the # of patients anytime where Betty is true in column A and Dr Rodriguez is true in column B.

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