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Concatenate multiple fields separated by commas without string of commas at end

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Hello! I am currently using the below formula to pull together a list of cities that correspond to a record. I have City 1, City 2, City 3, City 4, City 5, Cities 6 fields. Formula looks like this:

CONCATENATE({BP City 1}, ", ",{BP City 2}, ", ",{BP City 3}, ", ",{BP City 4}, ", ",{BP City 5}, ", ",{BP Cities 6})

My formula works if all 6 fields contain cities although it doesn’t look great if only one city is listed. It ends up looking like this:

Philadelphia, , , , ,

Anyone know how to fix the formula so that the appropriate number of commas appear so there will not be a string of messy commas at the end?

Thank you!

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Thank you so much, @kuovonne! :heart_eyes: