Concatenate Specific Fields While Ignoring Fields Containing "X"

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I would greatly appreciate your help finding a solution to concatenate each of the following fields while ignoring fields which contain (just) the letter “X”. (I am using “X” to denote empty instead of leaving the filed empty).

FYI. This formula works for concatenating all fields while ignoring the blank ones.

IF({Login Companies}, " " & {Login Companies}) &
IF({Login Titles}, " " & {Login Titles}) &
IF({Login Persons}, " " & {Login Persons}) &
IF({Login Places}, " " & {Login Places}) &
IF({Login Differentiators}, " " & {Login Differentiators})

Many thanks!!!

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Hi @Brian_Tanner

May something along the line of this?

IF({Login Companies}=“x”, blank(), " " & {Login Companies}) &
IF({Login Titles}=“x”, blank(), " " & {Login Titles}) &
IF({Login Persons}=“x”, blank(), " " & {Login Persons}) &
IF({Login Places}=“x”, blank(), " " & {Login Places}) &
IF({Login Differentiators}=“x”, blank(), " " & {Login Differentiators})

Didn’t test it, so no idea if it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there,

My apologizes for the delayed reply. I just this and test the formula. Unfortunately, it does not ignore those fields containing “X” however I will keep at it.

Many thanks for your time and effort!


Just to be sure, you did use a capital “X” in stead of the “x” in the formula? You could think this is the most stupid question ever, but give me 1 cent for every formula that went wrong this way, and I’d be rich :grinning_face_with_sweat: