Concatenate text to every item in a list

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I have a list (multi-select?) in column C, and a text field in column D. I want the value in column D to be added to ever item in column C. Is that possible?

The full thing I"m trying to do is I have one table where people make requests to their friends. One column “friends” has a list of all their friends they’re making the request to. I want another table to record the result when making a request to each friend. There may be multiple requests to the same list of friends though, so I want that new table to have the FriendName+RequestDate as the identifier. I think that to do this I need to have a column in tableA that has the list of Friends+RequestDate, separated by commas, so I can make it of field type Link to Records to the new table so that everytime I add a new request, it will populate the second table with one row for each friend+request date. Maybe there’s another way to do that?

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