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Concatenating without zeros or blank fields

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Hi! There is probably a very simple solution to this, but I’m trying to create a field that shows information from EITHER of two other fields - whichever one happens to be populated. My issue is that they are both calculated number fields, so I’m getting zeros instead of blanks.


of Jars (SOUP A) = 3

of Jars (SOUP B) = 0

Ideally Field C should just be “3” but instead I end up getting “30” because I don’t know the proper “IF” formula to wrap into it.

Here is my current formula:
CONCATENATE({# of Jars (A)},{# of Jars (B)})

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

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BRILLIANT! This worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

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Hi @Lainie_Elton1,

A value of 0 in a number field is considered a “falsey” value, so the IF() check for that is actually very simple (and I’m using the concatenation operator (&) instead of the CONCATENATE() function to further simplify your scenario)…

   {# of Jars (A)},
   {# of Jars (A)}
) & 
   {# of Jars (B)},
   {# of Jars (B)}

BRILLIANT! This worked perfectly! Thanks so much!