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Convert Created date into Text

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I want to convert my Created Date field into Text like “Latest to Oldest” and “Oldest to Latest”.
I have checked all previous articles and had tried DATETIME_FORMAT and SET_TIMEZONE but it doesn’t return text it returns time.

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Hey @Raza_Ali!
Welcome in!

I’m curious about what your desired in product looks like.
If you’re trying to sort records based on when they were created, you actually don’t need another field to do this.

To sort records by a date/time value, start by creating a sorting layer on the Created Time field (or any date/time field).

Earliest to Latest

Sorting by 1 → 9 will sort date values by earliest to latest as seen in the images below.


Latest to Earliest

Conversely, sorting 9 → 1 will sort date values by latest to earliest.



Let me know if I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to achieve, or if you have any additional questions!

Thanks @Ben.Young
but I don’t want this I integrated my airtable with Softr And I want to filter my list using “Latest” and “Oldest” text by using Created Date field.