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Convert date to text in new field

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Hi there,
How do I convert date to text in a new field by formula?
I have one date filed(2021/5/16 9:00) and need to convert it to text data.
Does anyone have a solution?

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Hi @Ryo_Kobiyama,

Adam from Airtable here.

I believe you could use the DATESTR() function to get that result. You can find more info at this link: Formula field reference – Airtable Support

Let me know if that helps~~

Welcome to the Airtable community.
I recommend the DATETIME_FORMAT() function, with SET_TIMEZONE().
The exact formula would depend on your timezone and the format of the string you want. This should get you started.

  SET_TIMEZONE({date field name}, 'Australia/Sydney'), 
  'YYYY/M/D h:mm'

You can use the formula field reference, list of format specifies, and list of timezones to further adjust the formula to match what you want.