Count All Values Excluding Most Recent on Roll Up Field

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys,

Got a base where I track my products inventory and need to use a Roll Up field on a table to know the actual amount of product left in the inventory.
I also need to know the amount of product before the last inventory movement to be able to know if the inventory came from" in stock" to “out of stock” or the opposite. This part of an automation process were I will send emails to people that were awaiting a product to come back in stock. The idea is to compare both inventory values and trigger the scenario only is the stock went from 0 to whatever value that is not zero.

So my need is to be able to sum all records for a specified product except from the last one. I would likely use the “created date” field but not operator allows us to target “the most recent” or “the last”.

Any idea on how to archive that goal ?


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