Count occurence of each unique in a Rollup

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


Let's say I have a People table with Name A, Name B, Name C.

Another Table "Sports", which links Name A with Football, Name A with Football (again), Name A with Basketball, Name B with Basketball, Name B with Basketball, etc.

In the People table I want to create a (rollup?) field that returns e.g. for Name A: "Football (2), Basketball (1)" as a string.

Haven't been able to figure it out playing with COUNT, ARRAY, etc in Rollup field and searching this forum. Any ideas?

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You cannot do this with only a single rollup field with the current Airtable features. 

If there are only a few possible sports, you could have a conditional rollup field for each sport, then combine the info for all the sports using another formula field. 

If you have defined list of sports, you can hardcode them in formula
IF(Find('SPORT', {Rollup}),
  'SPORT: '&(LEN({Rollup})-LEN(SUBSTITUTE({Rollup}, 'SPORT','')))/LEN('SPORT')
) & 

repeating it X times with the name of sport instead of SPORT
{Rollup} is rollup field, with all linked sports.