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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi All!!
So I have 3 groups (A, B, C) and I have features associated with each group. To put you in context, each participant (we had 5 participants in each group) had to associate 4 features to its group. So now I have a record for each group and within that specific record, all the features that were associated to it. I can have the same features multiple times.
What I want to do, is count how many times each feature was associated.
For example, how many times I have ‘Feature1’ in group A.
Please help!!
Thank you !!


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Hi @Anne_Sophie_Asselin,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

Actually as of yesterday you can do that using the Conditional Rollup field. You will create a field and set it to be a Rollup to count with the condition that it counts feature 1.


Hi! This is great timing!
I am trying to add a conditional rollup but I cannot see the option of ‘is any of’ and from the explanation from this page about conditional rollup, it seems like this is what I need :


You’ll need to create one rollup field for each feature that you are trying to count. (Or, in your case, since you’re counting records, you can create one count field for each feature.)

For example, for your rollup/count field for Feature 1, you’ll need to choose:

Value is: Feature 1

Then, repeat that for each feature rollup.

So, for your rollup/count field for Feature 2, you would choose:

Value is: Feature 2

And so on…

This is available for Single/Multi Select Fields, what you need is Contains.

As @ScottWorld said, you will need a separate field field each Feature.

Thanks! I just realized that because the ‘Associated Features’ column is a Lookup, I don’t see the option ‘is’ but I do see the option ‘contains’. (Good to know).
So I did an example with the feature ‘My Drive’ here and it always returns me 0. Any idea why?
I also tried with and without the (" ") aorund My Drive.


Remove the quotes from your contains expression. You are telling it to search for the words My Drive surrounded by double quotes. What you want is just the words My Drive, with no quotes.

It still returns 0 :frowning:

Do you think that because I am doing the roll up like to an item in the table (Value Associted features) that is a lookup, it doesn’t work?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

OMG YOU ALL! It’s resolved!
The only reason why it was returning 0 is because I was using the COUNT(value) and not the COUNTA(value)!

That’s it!!
Thank you all so much for your help!!!