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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I am trying to do a COUNTIF type formula but I cannot find anything to work. Not sure why I cannot upload images or links to this post.

Basically, I have a lookup column that looks up info from another table and shows an array with emojis (checkmark, x, triangle); so, for example, the first cell shows :heavy_check_mark: , :heavy_check_mark: , :heavy_check_mark: , :x: , :heavy_check_mark: , :heavy_check_mark: . I want the second column to count how many green checkmarks are in the first column; that is, I want it to show the number 5. Any ideas?

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Hi @Polly_Daugherty

You could try getting the length of the whole thing as a string before and after removing that emoji from the string, and then get the difference.

So you’d do something like:

LEN({Your Lookup Field}&"") -
LEN(SUBSTITUTE({Your Lookup Field}&"", "✔️",  ""))