Counting records in a table - without a common link

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I have a seemingly simple question that I’m struggling to solve. I want to count records meeting certain criteria - for example, how many records generated within the current month.

(the end goal is for records to have an autogenerated field that is year.month.sequentialnumber – the year and month are easy, the sequential bit should be a simple matter of # existing records + 1…)

If all those records shared a common link to another table, I know I could use that to generate a conditional “count all” rollup field. But it seems totally redundant to make a separate table, with a single record, and link all my original records to that, JUST to obtain my number.

Isn’t there any other way?

NOTE: so far my Airtable usage has not required me to learn scripting. Very open to it, if that’s an option, but - go easy on me…

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Welcome to the community, @E_J1!

A quick way to do it would be to group your records, and then Airtable will automatically provide the count of records in each group.

You could also use Airtable’s summary bar to get a quick count of how many records have a certain field filled in. In your situation, this would also likely depend on you grouping or filtering ahead of time.

The summary app is pretty basic… but it will count or summarize all the records in a specific view for you.

And yes, scripting is a solution too!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

So there's no way, other than a new table with a single record and a count field, to use a counted result in a record's formula field?