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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I need to create a test/quiz for my employees in order for them to be certified in a subject area.

I'd like to create a form with 30 questions, each question with up to 4 multiple choice answers.  I have an answer key, indicating which of the answers is correct

Is there a way for the employee to complete the form and submit and AT automatically compares the answers to the answer key and provides the number answers correct and the percentage of answers correct out of 100.

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This might be easier with an (albeit long) formula field rather than a separate answer key (which I assume is either a separate table, or 30 fields in the same table with the correct answer identified).

That formula could look like:


  IF({Question 1 field} = "Correct Answer", 1, 0),

  IF({Question 2 field} = "Correct Answer", 1, 0),

  IF({Question 3 field} = "Correct Answer", 1, 0),


  IF({Question 30 field} = "Correct Answer", 1, 0)


 ^ Format the result as a percentage

You can create a table with 30 single-select fields, where each field is one question, and the single-select choices are the possible answers. Then have the answer key in the formula field as Kamille describes.