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Hello - I'm trying to figure out how to set a price based on 2 other columns. One column is Product Type (Socks) and the other would be Variant (single or 3-pack). So for example if Product Type is Socks and Variant is Single, the Price should be $3; if the variant is 3-pack, the price would be $8.

Both Product Type and Variant are single select values, and I could potentially make the Price a single field as well. 

I also thought of combining Product Type and Variant into one column (Socs - Single, Socks - 3-pack, etc) and do Link Records instead, but I would like to eventually sort by Product Type alone (all socks, for example). 

Does anyone have any experience in this for inventory tracking? Thanks!

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Wouldn't it be better if each variant is a different product? then you assign a different price to each one. This also allows you to sort, filter and group by both criteria.
You can then use it in a sales table that reads these products.
Finally, if you want the product name to look like "socks - 3 pack" you can change the main column to concatenate both words from the pick lists.

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Yeah, I think in the end I'll have to do each variant as a different product and link them. I was reluctant because some products have 4 variants, and because it might be easier to transfer to the Shopify format eventually, but it might be the only way instead of manually entering prices.