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Creating a Summary Table for Unique Field Values in Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer


I'm working with the following table in Airtable:


My goal is to create another table that simplifies the data. Specifically, I want to generate a single row for each unique ID, where all the text from the 5th field is concatenated into a single cell. Here's an example of the desired output:

  • "Consider installing a longer bath handle. Doesn't completely rest on the bathtub."
  • "Repair chipped tile due to shower column installation. Replace the shower column with a wider one to conceal the defect. Alternatively, replace the tile."
  • "Adjust bathroom cabinet drawer."

Important Note: I have thousands of IDs, each with multiple text entries like these. I need to concatenate them to streamline the process of sending email alerts. I've tried various formulas, but I'm a beginner in Airtable.

I appreciate any advice or guidance you can provide. Thank you in advance !

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