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Creating summary data in a table

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I don’t think I’m thinking about this the right way…

I have two tables:


hostId, eventname, city
20, event1, helsinki
20, event2, stockholm
21, eventN, toronto


hostID, hostname, totalEvents

20, biff, count of all rows from event table where hostID = 20
21, biffette, count of all rows from event table where hostID = 21

No matter what I’ve tried to link, rollup, or count, the field in the Hosts table always shows 1.

I can easily generate this using a Pivot, but I want to use that summary data in other systems that I connect via Zapier.

For example, when a new event is scheduled I want to send a notification to another system to say "congrats to {host} on scheduling their {countOfEvents} event!

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bangs head on desk

ok, here’s the problem. I migrated my data from another system to Airtable and I assumed when I was linking the tables, I could choose the foreign key (hostID) to link them, but it turns out all i needed to do was to change the integer field in my events table to a Linked Field (which I thought would mess something up…) and now it all works.