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Hey guys:

I’m currently working on a lead list and I’m working on having two new columns in order to know when to follow-up with a specific person. The formula I have so far is this,

IF({Date Last Contacted} != BLANK(),"")& IF({Date Last Contacted}, DATEADD({Date Last Contacted}, 10, ‘days’))

For some reason here’s what I’m seeing when imputing this formula,


How can I modify this formula to have the date only and not ‘T00:00:00.000Z’ at the end?


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This part of your formula is turning your result into a text string instead of a date object. It doesn’t actually do anything else.

IF({Date Last Contacted} != BLANK(),"")& 

Once you remove that first part, the last part should work just fine and show up as a regular date.

IF({Date Last Contacted}, DATEADD({Date Last Contacted}, 10, 'days'))

Hi Kuovonne:

Thanks for your reply! I’m using the first part of the formula to avoid having ‘Error’ in the blank fields. The last part works on it’s own in deed, but I would like to not have the ‘Error’ messages in the blank fields. Do you know by any chance how I can modify my formula to do that and avoid having ‘T00:00:00.000Z’ at the end of these fields?


The second part of the formula already has a check to avoid the error message.

Here is the formula spread across multiple lines to show you the nested structure of the formula.

  {Date Last Contacted}, 
  DATEADD({Date Last Contacted}, 10, 'days')

The IF statement checks to make sure that there is a value in the {Date Last Contacted} field. If there is a value, the formula adds 10 days and returns the new date. If there is no value in the {Date Last Contacted}, then the formula does not return anything, and the formula field is blank.

In contract, here is the first part of your formula spread a cross multiple lines to make it easier to read.

  {Date Last Contacted} != BLANK(),

This says that if the {Date Last Contacted} is NOT blank, to show an empty text string and concatenate it with the result of the second part of the formula. This first part of your original formula does not do any checks for a blank {Date Last Contacted}.

It now works, thanks so much! Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face: