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Date Formula - flagging insufficient number of dates between actions

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I run a pet relocation company and when preparing pet travel paperwork we need to ensure that there are a certain number of days between the dob and a vaccination, or travel date, etc. We need a formula that red flags when one date is not within/above a specific range of another date (or the current date).

Thank you in advance

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Take a look at the IF and DATETIME_DIFF functions in the formula field reference.

  DATETIME_DIFF({travel date}, {dob}, 'days') < {ageToTravel},
  "too young to travel on that date"
  DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {dob}, 'days') < {ageForVaccine},
  "too young for vaccine today"

These formulas calculate the date/time difference in age, but you can also use ‘weeks’, ‘months’, or ‘years’ as the unit specifier for DATETIME_DIFF.

If this answers your question, please mark this post as the solution. Otherwise, could you please give a bit more details and a screen capture?

Thank you! We will try this and see how we get on.