Different concatenate results if cell contains a specific character

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4 - Data Explorer

Perhaps I’m not searching correctly, but I’m hoping the community can help.

I’m looking to have a formula that concatenates multiple columns based on whether or not one cell contains a specific character, such as a question mark ?, but also contains other text.

My formula already has a nested IF that is based on whether or not another cell is blank; see below:

IF({UTM Content}="","",CONCATENATE({Link To},“string”,{UTM Content}))

So, I want 2 results:
If cell {Link To} contains a ? somewhere in it, then I want “string”
If cell {Link To} does not contain a ? somewhere in it, then I want “string2”

Appreciate any help!

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Hi @Chanel_C2019 - if I understand correctly, what I think you need is this:

Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 17.25.54.png

Rather than saying:

“If UTM content is empty, let the result be empty, otherwise…”

I would switch this around and say:

“IF UTM Content exists, then…, otherwise”

So in my example above, the formula field is:

  {UTM Content},
    FIND('?', {Link To}),
    {Link To} & 'string' & {UTM Content},
    {Link To} & 'string2' & {UTM Content}

As it stands the results look a bit strange, as I don’t know what “string” and “string2” should be, but hopefully this will give you enough to edit as you need.