Duplicate values to only show once for a specific column

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4 - Data Explorer

From my screen shot below, you can see I have the column Company. In this column it has duplicated values, so I was wondering if there was a way for it to only display once using a formula in a new column? e.g. in the count column to only show The good company once.

Also would be great if this process is automated, as I am using integromat to keep insert new records.


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Convert the company column to a linked record field that links to a brand new table. Then, each company name will only show up once in the new table.

NOTE: You will also need to enable the “smart links” checkbox in Integromat.

Thank you for responding. I have tried and it works. However I also want it to show 2 records for Company. For example Good company in the screenshot has 2 records, I still want it to show all that information, but in the count or new table to visualized as Good company for 1 record and blank for the other?

In the old table, you can just group by company name and it will show you the count of each company in the summary bar.

In the new table, you can create a field of type “count”. This is a special field type in the list of field types.