Easy trivia problem and almost broke mind, I guess getting old now

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I have a complex formula about 2 letter size pages long. The formula didn’t work and I spent 2 hours of my life trying to figure out why it didn’t. Looking at the formula, after procrastinating a bit I went on crunching through it but I was expecting to be rewarded by a nice catch worth my time going on through this fishing expedition. Instead I was taken by surprise of how sometimes complex problems require simple solutions.

Here is the over-simplified formula. The issue was I wasn’t negating the formula on the LEFT correctly. To negate the formula on the LEFT, I need to negate also function “OR” and turn it into “AND”.

I guess this is a 101 basic of Math but it has been so many years I don’t remmeber. I guess I am getting old now.

The first column on the left is PRICE and the field can be empty, zero or non-zero. The formula is check if the field PRICE is empty or zero and show “YES”, otherwise show “NO”.

The first picture shows the formula wasn’t converted correclty on the RIGHT. The the formula on the left and right don’t provide same result.

Second picture is correction.


I know this is a trivia problem, but just thought to share this since this is end of 2021 so I guess anything goes now :partying_face:

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