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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi There,

I have a staff plan of 220 people whose absence I want to add up.

In column A all names are below each other and the other columns consist of the weekdays, each divided into blocks of 2 working hours (so 4 per day for a working day of 8 hours).

These cells are dropdowns including all kinds of projects, but also ‘absent’.

The list is moved every week from ‘Week 0’ (current week) to ‘week -1’, and there is also a forecast ‘Week + 1’ (which then becomes ‘week 0’ every week)

From the moment that someone is absent (that can be at the beginning of the week, but also somewhere in the middle) I would like to see the name and the number of hours of absence in another column.

Because all weeks are archived in the same base, I would also like to add up the number of hours of absence, so that we can see a total of hours of absence after about 3 months.

Of course I have already tried to figure out how I can build this, but what I come across is the fact that it can be the same names. a linked record therefore only applies for 1 week.

Any suggestions how I can achieve this?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Sounds like you have a pretty detailed idea of the way the base should run. You might want to post in the work offered board and find someone to build it.

Alternatively, if it works for you, check out some templates that might work. I found this one that looks pretty exhaustive. KasPer Lite Human Resources - Airtable Universe