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Extract text after second character

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Hi can someone help me to extract the TEXT3 after the second " - "

I’ve tried this formula but haven’t been able to reference the second " - "

IF({Engineer + Seniority + Direct Manager}, REGEX_EXTRACT({Engineer + Seniority + Direct Manager}, “(?:\- )(.*)”))

Text sample: TEXT1 - TEXT2 - TEXT3

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i’m too sleepy to regex now, at morning
so i crafted this.
also, you can change a number (2) to cut after third, fourth occurence etc.


If it’s always one word at the end, Regex would work like this:


$ matches the end of the string. If there would always be two words, Regex looks like this:


and if it can be both, you can use an alternation (“|”) in between those two:


Let me know if that works!

Thank you!! It worked perfectly! :slightly_smiling_face: