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I’m new to airtable. I’m running an automation to create google calendar events. I need to evaluate if the email addresses in a field are in our domain name, and if so add them to a new field. My challenge is that there can be many email addresses in the field, so the text-based formulas won’t work. Is there a way to loop through a multi-select and evaluate each element independently?

Thank you!

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6 - Interface Innovator

hI @Noemie_Fortin-Brunet
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Unfortunately there is no loop available anywhere other than airtable scripting feature. You can try airtable automation script and check each and every element and push the result to table


Your Client Meeting Attendees list is a multiselect. If you instead add a table with contacts (name, email, phone), then change Client Meeting Attendees to Link from a record (the new Contacts table), you can add a lookup field to that link’s Email Address field with the condition of only including emails that contain your domain.